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FIST33 / FISTCD05 - 3​:​P​.​M. Eternal (2004)

by Overcast

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    Back in the heady days of 2004, Bloody Fist wasted some of the Earth's precious resources by over-estimating demand and thus over-pressing the CD version of 3:P.M. Eternal. Fast forward 9 years and the original European distributor desperately wants shot of them. As a result there's now a couple of boxes of them sitting under a work-bench in a major metropolitan city in south-eastern Australia. Enter Bandcamp!

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Gorky Parked 05:11
Brains 06:28
Channel X 05:46
F-Projection 03:32
Grief 08:11


Taken direct from the Bloody Fist website 2003/4:

JOB # 11. 3pm Eternal / Overcast

* 15/3/03 : This will be Overcast's final AMIGA outing. The album will contain a wide range of styles (similar to FIST16) - encompassing industrial hardcore, breakcore, turntable cut ups, electro and general tomfoolery. The CD and LP should be released sometime during late 2003, hopefully to co-incide with JOB # 12.

* UPDATE 3/12/03 : This fucking album was NEVER going to be released this year. Way back in March it seemed as if anything was possible, but here in the cold light of day during early December 2003, it STILL hasn't eventuated. As a result, BLOODY FIST will close down on 20th December in order for this album to be fully recorded and mixed by 31st December 2003. The album will not go into production until 2nd week of January 2004 and be scheduled for release Feb/March 2004. The Overcast AMIGA 600 used in the recording process for this album will be vacuum sealed and discarded somewhere in far Southern Tasmania during JOB #12, which actually IS happening

* UPDATE 7/3/04 : The AMIGA 600 used for the making of this album was sealed and buried at the southern most tip of Tasmania at 2pm on the 4th January, 2004. The album was fully recorded and mixed between 20th December and 31st December 2003, but is still yet to go into production. The CD version of the album will also contain some tracks from FIST16 and FIST17. Release date is now looking like June. Photos of the AMIGA burial will appear on the website in the very near future.

* UPDATE 9/7/04 : Jesus what a load of old bullshit about a June release date and photos appearing on the website. It's July now, the record is finally in production as is the double gatefold LP sleeve. Release looking like August now! The promised AMIGA burial photographs will now appear inside the gatefold sleeve and not directly on the website. Did someone say marketing ploy? Pfft.

* UPDATE 2/9/04 : OK! OK! The vinyl version was released last week!

Track rundown :

A1. PE#1 (Remix @ 3pm) - This track originally appeared on the NCL TRAX V1.0 CD compilation in 1998 in it's raw form. Ripping off a big chunk of Public Enemy, the track has been renovated and updated slightly with new cuts and a few amusing surprises added. Fuck DJ Shadow and all those 'crate digging' pansies - this is proper raw, lo-fi and ultra heavy hip hop cut up shit.

A2. Gorky Parked - AMIGA 600 breakbeat abuse. Old school / Syndicate style. Sampling the soundtrack to 'Gorky Park'.

A3. F-Projection - The same slab samples which made up Nasenbluten's 'Intellectual Killer' were re-stolen and re-laid with a new approach to the drums... flipping between hip hop and heavy drum'n bass. This track was originally programmed for the 'Blades Of Hades' NCL hip hop crew. While they have been using it extensively at their live shows it was a strong enough instrumental to appear on this album as-is.

B1. Brains - This hardcore track was originally recorded in 1998 with a Juno 106 being midi-triggered by an AMIGA 600 running Octamed(!). The tinny echo/reverb effect which can be heard at various points throughout the track came courtesy of an ancient Ibanez reverb unit with a blown fuse. Typical old style Bloody Fist lo-fi hardcore - complete with hip hop slab sample. Gloriously shit.

B2. Channel X - Dark midtempo heavy breakbeat track with a load of breakbeats nicked off an INXS remix by Coldcut!. HOOOAH!

C1. Only Way In (Remix @ 3pm) - Funnily enough this track began life as a remix which was commissioned by Industrial Strength for a Delta 9 track called 'Only Way Out'. The remix was rejected by Delta 9 (not gay enough probably), and so it was called 'Only Way In' and issued as an Overcast track on a Statik Records 12" which was released back in the late 90's sometime. For this album it has been renovated and beefed up slightly with a few more breakdowns and more breakbeats added (shock horror). The original rap sample has also been replaced with another one for some strange reason. Better or worse than the original? Be sure to post your decision on the nearest forum.

C2. Loom (Remix @ 3pm) - Drum'n Bass track which was written way back in the 1998 tech-step era. The track appeared in it's original form on the Killing Sheep CD compilation 'Vile Techniques'. For this album the kick drum has been turned into a gabber kick and a few effects were added elsewhere in the track.

D1. Cycle Recycled - Electro B-Boy track marrying Dynamix II with Lasse Steen and Mescalinum United. An AMIGA 600 never sounded so 80's. The breakdown which happens towards the end of the track was put together entirely out of records found in welfare shops across Newcastle ("oooh - who's a crate digging pansy now then eh?"). The word 'Overcast' was spelt out using the phonetic alphabet parts of an instructional 'CB radio etiquette' LP.

D2. Raining Brains - Two Overcast hardcore tracks ('Brains' and 'Raining Stones') were gutted and portions of each were jammed back together. "The worst of times - like the best - are always passing away."

D3. Who's Fxxking Who? - A brilliant relic from the archives! This track comes out of the bitter Sydney / Newcastle diss war which happened back in the late 90's. This was an answerback track made after Noize Generator unexpectedly produced a pissweak diss on Newcastle at one of Geoff Da Chef's infamous Sydney 'Distortion' parties. The Newcastle answerback 'Who's Fxxking Who?' was produced with assistance from Gav/Syndicate and played at the next 'Distortion' party in Sydney several months later much to Noize Generator's dismay and the crowd's delight. An extra few pieces have been added to the mix for this album, including an additional backhander for someone else who more recently thought they might like to stick their oar in. No breakcore cabaret in here sunshine.


released August 31, 2004

All tracks programmed on an Amiga 600 between 1997 and 2003 by Mark N in Newcastle Australia.
Old feuds revisited, final mixes, recordings and cuts performed between 26th and 31st December 2003.


all rights reserved



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